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 Finchley ClinicRichmond Clinic
Initial Acupuncture Treatment (75 minutes)
Your first visit require detailed consultation about your health and lifestyle to tailor an individualised treatment.
Follow-Up Acupuncture Treatment (45-50 minutes)
This is a following treatment after the initial one.
Acupuncture 3 Sessions£125£155
Acupuncture 6 Sessions£240£295
Acupuncture 10 Sessions£380465
Facial Acupuncture (75 minutes)
Facial Acupuncture 3 Sessions£240£270
Facial Acupuncture 6 Sessions£455£510
Facial Acupuncture 10 Sessions£720£805
Acu Facial (90-110 minutes)
Include cleanse, facial acupuncture and mask application
Acu Facial Course 3 Sessions£325£355
Bodywork (60 minutes)
Pregnancy, Holistic, Natural Face Lift Massage
Bodywork (90 minutes)£85£90
Bodywork (60 minutes) 6 Sessions£325£375